U/P: Lean Business Philosophy, describes how you as a business person can lean philosophically toward what consumers most value. It explains your customers' motives in the grandest scheme of things so you can solve their greatest problems for the most money possible. Lean is a hybrid of Western and Eastern philosophies applied to business that will lead you to true-north value. U/P extends this philosophy of Lean to the furthest horizon of what is known so you can reach the greatest profit. This is a stretch assignment about business so you will better think though, identify and produce what delights consumers most. In short, it:

- Explains what "true-north value" in Lean is
- Explains how true-north value is created by exchanging money for well designed goods and services
- Explains "who" and "why" consumers are in the grandest scheme of things to think though, identify and produce what will delight customers most
- Helps you as a business leader meaningfully differentiate your products by most efficiently testing them against consumers' highest values
- It does the above through a structured method of inquiry, by first empathizing with consumers, determining their problems and motives, best fitting a product to those problems and motives, and then testing the solution against consumers' willingness to pay for it
- Helps you develop a core ideology and purpose that will give them the confidence to lead a company even in tough times
- Facilitates innovation through abstract, Lean thinking that crosses business disciplines
- Helps you ask the right questions to improve your data analysis by better identifying what needs to be answered